The ARCH 1 Lab
Addressing Race/Ethnicity, Culture, and Health for 1


Welcome to the ARCH 1 Lab! The mission of ARCH 1 is to address the causes and
correlates of health behaviors in majority, minority, and underserved populations.
Within our lab, we are interested in the biopsychosocial model that addresses the
biological, psychological, and social underpinnings of any person's health behaviors
and possible disease processes. By addressing these factors, our lab can prevent,
control and treat various chronic conditions within a multidisciplinary paradigm.

The research from ARCH 1 will focus on quality of life, and biomarker domains for
persons who are interested in improving or maintaining their health through physical
activity interventions or longitudinal studies. These studies are designed for persons
with chronic conditions, sedentary, free-living, and/or underserved populations.

We are housed in a department of psychology, but understand that it is critical to
work with researchers or incorporate studies from nutrition, kinesiology, epidemiology
or public health, and medicine among others. Thus, our research and training is transdisciplinary.

Cancer Prevention and Control

The ARCH 1 Lab seeks to address cancer prevention and control through projects such as Bridging the Gap, Positives About Triple Negatives, and our Breast Reconstruction study. We actively seek to educate and inform communities about developments in the study of cancer through focus groups, interventions, programs, and community events. Additionally, we seek to open an honest dialogue with all members of the community regarding cancer risks, screening, prevention, and research. Through our work, we hope to reduce problems associated with health disparities, while increasing quality of life, health behaviors (physical activity and diet), and self-efficacy for people undergoing the diagnosis and treatment for cancer.

Community Engagement

The ARCH 1 Lab seeks to become an active organization in the community by attending health fairs and related community events. We seek to gather information about the community's health needs and concerns through Project Community. Additionally, through Project Community, we offer members of the community materials and information regarding health behaviors (physical activity and diet) and disease prevention.

The ARCH 1 Lab is currently accepting applications from undergradutes seeking Research Assistant positions for Spring and Summer 2012. We are also seeking qualified doctoral students for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining ARCH 1.

Internship Opportunities 

Dr. Georita M. Frierson

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Dr. Carla Williams

Student Research Interns
Howard University Cancer Ctr
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